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About Our Brands


Tallaght – 01 400 0060

Swords – 01 400 0061


Little Island – 021 429 7661


Bray – 01 400 0059

At OTTO we would like to be able to say that we have chosen our brands carefully but the reality is actually a bit more impressive.  Our brands have actually selected OTTO as their point of contact with you the end user.  Since we established in business in 1995 it was clear to our suppliers that we were intrinsically linked to the discerning automotive enthusiast;  that is you, the prime customer for their OEM parts.

Our mission was never one to supply rock-bottom priced generic or pattern parts but one to marry the quality products which we could source from across Europe to the knowledgeable end-user, the person who can see the value, the reliability and the peace of mind that comes by using quality OEM parts.  The dividend is the prestigious range of brands that we import directly from the factory to our warehouse and the in-depth knowledge that our cooperation with these OEM manufacturers allow us to share with you.