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Ate Original Brake Parts

ATE is the leading German manufacturer of brake systems and components. The Ate brake manufacturer as we know it now was founded in 1906 and named after it founder Alfred Teves, the company quickly gained recognition for its high quality brake parts.  Always a pioneer, ATE is the developer of Europe’s first hydraulically operated brake system and introduced the first brake booster systems on the famous “Silver Arrow” race cars of the 1950’s.   ATE is now an important brand within the massive Continental AG multinational company.

ATE car parts include high quality brake wear components such as Original ATE brake discs, Original ATE brake pads, Original ATE drum brake shoes & Top Kits, Original ATE drums, ATE handbrake cables and high-carbon brake disks with increased durability and reduced noise and shudder.  Quality is the byword for Ate who essentially develop the standards that many other companies must try to emulate.  Original Equipment suppliers to many automotive marques the ATE logo will appear all over the vehicles that you will service daily.

Ate Brake Pads

The ATE hydraulics programme includes Original ATE brake callipers and ATE remanufactured callipers. ATE brake hose assemblies. ATE master brake cylinders, ATE clutch master and slave cylinders, ATE brake wheel cylinders, Original ATE brake boosters, ATE vacuum units and Original ATE brake force reducing valves. We also stock ATE tools, brake bleed equipment and ATE testing equipment.

Brake Fluid by ATE

With ATE brake fluids you get a large selection: from DOT 3 to DOT 4 high-performance ESP, SL6 and racing brake fluids. When replacing brake fluid, always use the correct fluid, not the cheapest.

Benefit from the experience of one of the world’s premier automotive brake suppliers and specialists. With sales of more than one 100 million wheel speed sensors, ATE stands among the leading suppliers of these sensors in Europe. You can confidently rely upon the tried and tested quality of a product when it is used worldwide.

Brake pads and callipers, along with wear sensors and brake hoses manufactured by ATE are known for their superior quality. ATE currently has a leading market share in Germany and stands at number two in Europe as a result of its innovation and quality manufacturing. The ATE spare parts range is vast with very good availability.

As the pioneer of the hydraulic disk brake and caliper system it his hardly surprising that ATE produce some of the world’s best performance brake components.  Everything you will need for your race or track day car from ATE.

ATE Super Racing Blue brake fluidATE race brake systems


OTTO is the official distributor of ATE auto parts in Ireland as well as exporting worldwide through our online website, www.ottocarparts.com

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For further information on ATE auto parts please visit www.ate-brakes.com.

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