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The engineering pedigree of FTE goes back to the very start of the last century in Germany with the development of the ball grinding process used in production of ball bearings. Friedrich Fischer was the person responsible for this, a huge leap in production technology and a catalyst in the development of Germany’s transport vehicle manufacturing industry.


FAG Grinder



Continuous growth of this engineering business saw FAG established as a brand synonymous with quality. Though almost destroyed completely during WWII, the post war growth of the business under the name of the Schäfer family saw a divergence from heavy vehicles and rail into the automotive industry which was growing at astonishing rates. Universal car ownership and improvements in production technology saw the Schäfer name become a leading producer of hydraulic brake parts with mass production technology from the Schweinfurt plant exhibited as early as 1955 at the Frankfurt interational motor show.








The innovation continued over the following decades as Schäfer group products find more and more applications as original equipment in brake and clutch system hydraulics across the automotive industry. The business continuously developing new technologies from motorcycle ABS systems through to the most current vehicle stability control systems alongside its tried and trusted production expertise in vehicle hydraulics. The R&D process is constant and ongoing with FTE leading the way in design, production and automation.




FTE is a responsible business with a strong policy for conservation. In a sublime way the lightweight construction of their clutch hydraulic parts using engineering grade plastics reduce the fuel consumption of the finished product across it’s lifetime. The philosophy continues throughout the business with a focus on environmental protection in all that they do.

With such a notable history dating back to the very early days of the transport industry it is clear to see how FTE has become a leader in OEM and aftermarket part production. Everything that FTE stands for is in harmony with OTTO’s corporate mission so it stands to reason that we cooperate so well in the Irish market.

Have a look at the video below from FTE for more information or click through using the button below and use your registration number to find quality FTE parts for you car.

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